OPS Elementary School History

  • In 2022, 24 Omaha Public School students, nine Omaha Public School social studies teachers, three graduate students, a University of Nebraska professor, and many community members worked to uncover the history of OPS’ 125 current and former elementary schools located east of 72nd Street. They interviewed school alums. They discovered the OPS archives, finding old photographs, artifacts, and newspaper articles for their assigned elementary schools. They worked in geographic teams, visiting and photographing each of their school sites. They mapped each of their schools using ArcGIS software. They learned about OPS’ busing and desegregation plan from the people who created it and discovered its effect on students, teachers, and school integration. They learned about OPS’ changing demographics by comparing each school’s student ethnicity in 1974 and 2020-21 and learned how 20th-century Federal, State, and City policies affected school demographics. Lastly, participants heard from OPS district officials to discover how Omaha’s most diverse school district integrates schools today.

    Student projects can be found on the following pages.

    OPS Elementary Schools - Central Area

    OPS Elementary Schools - North Area

    OPS Elementary Schools - Northeast Area

    OPS Elementary Schools - South Omaha and Sarpy Countyhttps://www.ops.org/Page/6308

    OPS Elementary Schools - Southeast Area


    More information on OPS’ 1976 to 1999 Busing and Desegregation Plan and Demographics can be found here. 


    OPS Elementary School Map 

    Each star represents a current or past Omaha Public School Elementary School. Zoom in and click on a star to find out the school’s name, location, mascot, when the school was built, and a historical and current picture. Thank you to the 2022 MIHV students and teachers for the school research and initial mapping and to Omaha Public School instructor Cory Johnson for pulling it together.