Lesson Plans

  • "Making Invisible Histories Visible assures that students, through the research of various cultures and ethnicities (their own and those of their classmates), bridge cultural differences. The students' use of differing perspectives increases innovation and the quality of work."
    -Barry Thomas, Social Studies Supervisor, Omaha Public Schools

    Why should I use this content in my classroom?

    The Making Invisible Histories Visible project provides teachers with an opportunity to bring local and minority history into their classroom. There are profound benefits to doing so: research demonstrates that when a teacher integrates literature and resources that reflect the diverse backgrounds of his or her students, the teacher contextualizes or connects to students' everyday experiences. The content on this website gives social studies teachers throughout the District diverse resources that can be integrated into the classroom to support students' academic and personal success.

    How do I use this content in my classroom?

    Utilize the materials found right here in the Lesson Plans section.

    • Many of the projects have a lesson plan created by an Omaha Public Schools educator. The lesson plans are found below and on each of the project pages.
    • The General Lesson Plan and Graphic Organizer found below can be applied to all of the projects.
    • An Omaha Primary Resource Guide is provided to give you resources on where to uncover photographs and artifacts pertaining to Omaha history.