Why Work at Omaha Public Schools?

  • Teacher Lee Perez holds his teacher of the year awardOur mission at Omaha Public Schools is to prepare all students for success in college, career and life. Our educational offerings are just as diverse as the students we serve. We offer employees a professional workforce dedicated and committed to the success of all students. Every person who works for Omaha Public Schools makes an impact on the educational success of students. 

    We are an urban district, centered in the heart of the Midwest with rich diversity serving more than 53,000 students each year. We have over 160 years of tradition in making a difference for the families we serve. 

    Our district consists of 65 elementary schools, 12 middle schools, nine high schools, one K-12 virtual school and eight alternative programs. One new middle school is scheduled to open August 2023. Learn more about our district in our quick facts

    Our district offers a variety of career opportunities that include classroom instruction, accounting, building maintenance, paraprofessionals, bus drivers and more.

Why Teach at Omaha Public Schools?

  • Omaha Public Schools teachers come from all 50 states, from around the globe, and have attended more than 340 different colleges and universities. They have an average of 10 years of experience, and 64% of teachers have advanced degrees. Omaha Public Schools believes strongly in providing opportunities for staff to learn and grow in their profession and as leaders. We support current and aspiring leaders in every aspect of our organization. Improving the quality of instruction improves student success. Strong school leadership enhances the quality of teachers. Increasing leadership capacity and quality of instruction results in improved outcomes for students and the overall success of our district. We offer a variety of opportunities for staff that include:

    New Teacher Induction - All new teachers participate in a three-day institute for which a stipend of $215 per day is provided.

    BEST New Teacher Meetings - Monthly professional development meetings are provided for new teachers. A total of $300 for 14 hours of participation in these meetings is provided during the first year of teaching.

    Mentor Program - New teachers without previous teaching experience receive a trained mentor for one year.

    Early Start Program (Elementary) - Prior to the first year in the District, you may teach summer school and participate in professional development.

    Teacher In-service Days - Days are designated for professional development throughout the year.

    Tuition Assistance - Provides tuition assistance to teachers who are working to earn teaching endorsements in shortage areas.

    National Board Professional Teacher Standards (NBPTS) - Professional development opportunity provides teachers with tools and resources to continue their professional growth. Omaha Public Schools assists with assessment fees.

    Curriculum Days - Teachers participate in Curriculum Day sessions, which include a half-day for elementary and full-day for secondary teachers three times during the school year.

    Advanced Degrees - Teacher receives compensation for education beyond the bachelor's degree.

    Internationally known financier and Omaha Public Schools alum, Warren Buffett, annually listed among the wealthiest Americans, has established a coveted award to honor teachers in Omaha Public Schools.

    Many Omaha Public Schools teachers have won Nebraska Teacher of the Year awards, Presidential Excellence awards, and other national, regional and local recognition.