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  • The purchasing department works cooperatively with all schools and departments to obtain goods and services that support district initiatives and are responibly resources with public funds. The procurement department has established processes for procurment of goods that are in compliance with all procurement regulsations set forth by the district, Board of Education and by Nebraska State Statutes. 

Bids / RFP / RFQ Information

  • Shown below are some of the current Bids, RFQ’s or RFP’s issued through the Omaha Public Schools Purchasing Division. Documents are in PDF format and can be downloaded and printed. Advertised Bids, RFQ's or RFP's can also be found in the Daily Record.

    Please note:

    • Please prepare all bids on the documents as downloaded and printed from this site. Do not re-prepare the documents in any manner. Changes to documents are not allowed and will result in the bid being rejected. Follow all bid submission requirements carefully.
    • All Bid/RFQ/RFP documents are stand-alone documents, and must be responded to and submitted individually in the manner as stated in each document.
    • Do not email or contact the website, but rather follow the directions in the particular Bid/RFQ/RFP document for the manner in which questions regarding that bid document are to be submitted and for the procedure for submission of bids.
    • Any addenda issued for any bid published on this web page will also be published here. Bidders should check this web page for any bid addenda prior to submitting a bid.
    • Omaha Public Schools reserves the right to withdraw any bid document shown on this web page at any time and for any reason. Omaha Public Schools also reserves the right to reject any and all bids submitted to it and to waive any technicalities or irregularities in any bid. After the time for submission of a bid has expired, the fact that the bid document may still be shown on this web page shall not be deemed an extension of time for submission of a bid unless an addendum to those bid documents is issued that extends the submission time.

    Thank you for your interest in the Omaha Public Schools.


Bids and RFPS Minibase

Bids, Request for Proposals (RFP) & Request for Qualifications (RFQ)
Bid/Proposal Number/Request for Qualification Bid/Proposal Title Bid/RFP/Request For Qualification Invitation Q & A Document Addendum #1 Addendum #2 Addendum #3 Floor Plans Specs Notices Additional Information
22-029 Football, Baseball & Softball Athletic Supplies & Equipment PDF Icon
22-030 Soccer, Track, Wrestling and Other Athletic Supplies PDF Icon
22-032 Acoustic and Digital Pianos with Dollies or Stands PDF Icon PDF Icon PDF Icon
22-039 Network Switches & Wireless Access Points PDF Icon
22-050 Annual Order Crayons, Markers, Colored Pencils PDF Icon PDF Icon
22-051 Adult Disposable Face Masks PDF Icon PDF Icon PDF Icon
22-052 Annual Order General Art Supplies PDF Icon
22-057 Systems Furniture - Floor Plans - 10th & Pine Elementary School PDF Icon
22-057 Systems Furniture - Floor Plans - 60th & L High School PDF Icon
22-057 Office Systems Furniture, Principal Office Furniture, Metal Filing & Storage Units PDF Icon
22-057 Systems Furniture - Floor Plans - Fort Crook Road Elementary School PDF Icon
22-057 Systems Furniture - Floor Plans - 156th & Ida High School PDF Icon
22-057 Systems Furniture - Floor Plans - 42nd & Y Middle School PDF Icon
RFP 009-22 Bryan High School Band Uniforms (P009-22) PDF Icon
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