Meal Prices

  • A staff member serves lunchDuring 2024-25, there will be no charge for students to receive breakfasts and lunches.  Students will continue to be charged for a la carte items and milk (when not purchased as part of a meal).

Meal Account Balances

  • Parents and/or guardians are encouraged to monitor their child's account balance online and keep an adequate amount of funds in the child's account to pay for their ala carte purchases.  Prepayment is encouraged and may be online, or at the school with cash or check.  For information on accessing your child's online account, visit SchoolCafe (you will need your student's ID).

    Money remaining in a student's account at the end of the school year will be carried forward to the next school year unless contacted by the parent/guardian for a refund or the child leaves the district.  If a student changes buildings within OPS, their account balance will follow them.  If the student is graduating or leaving the district, the money in the account may be transferred to other accounts upon request or the money will be automatically refunded at the end of the school year.  Please contact your school's cafeteria manager or the Nutrition Services Office (531-200-0230) for details.

    Adults must have money in their accounts or pay cash to make a purchase.  They will not be allowed to charge meals or ala carte items. 

Meal Payment Options

  • Online Payments
    Parents in Omaha Public Schools can quickly add money to their student's meal account through SchoolCafe any time, day or night. A SchoolCafe account lets families pay by debit or credit card, set up low-balance email reminders, set up automatic payments and see their child's spending and account balance. 

    Please Note: A $2.00 minimum balance is required and there is a 5% convenience fee per transaction.  

    Cash or Check

    If you have not set up a SchoolCafe account, your child's school can always accept cash or a personal check. Please place your payment in a sealed envelope and write your child's full name, grade and student ID number on the outside. Cash and checks are deposited into your child's account the same day they are received. If you write a personal check, be sure that the check is pre-printed with your mailing address and you write the amount clearly. Make checks payable to the school cafeteria, write your home and work phone number on the upper left-hand corner and write the student's full name and ID number on the memo line of the check.