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Application Process

  • All hiring is done through the Human Resource office. After submitting all the required information via an application to Human Resources, including three professional references. The application will be reviewed and a decision will be made regarding setting up an interview. If the applicant meets the qualifications, they will receive a call or email to set up a time for the interview. After the interview, if an offer is extended to the applicant, they will complete a background check, a checklist, and attend a substitute orientation. 

Substitute FAQ

  • How do I contact the Sub Desk?

  • What is the Certified Teacher Substitute daily rate of pay?

  • What is the Paraprofessional Substitute rate of pay?

  • When are Substitutes paid?

  • Do substitutes work snow days or non-student days?

  • What is a "Vacancy"?

  • Frontline will not accept my pin number.

  • How do you communicate with Substitutes?

  • If a job is cancelled, will Frontline call and tell me?

  • I have been retained in a building but Frontline keeps calling me, why?

  • How does a teacher request me?

  • How often can I work? I want to work as much as possible.

  • Do I have to sub a minimum number of days to remain on the active list?

  • I need to cancel a job. When can I do that?

  • Frontline has called me and school has already started, I will be late arriving. Should I call the school?

  • What do I do if I miss a call from Frontline?