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Developing the Strategic Plan of Action

  • The Omaha Public Schools Strategic Plan of Action deliberately and creatively addresses the trends Omaha Public Schools faces and reimagines a 21st century education ecosystem that prepares all students for a successful life after high school. A broad spectrum of data were used in the development of the Strategic Plan of Action that reflects consensus among stakeholders. The strategic planning process included extensive outreach with stakeholders invited to participate in both focus groups and surveys. Community member, family, staff member and student input provided the basis for the development of the plan. The Strategic Plan of Action is the result of research and represents the shared values and priorities of the Omaha Public Schools.

Board of Education

  • The Board of Education plays a key role in the monitoring and implementation of the District’s Strategic Plan of Action. This includes implementing policy reflective of the plan and allocating appropriate funds within the district budget to support the plan. Twice a year, the administration will report on the progress of the Strategic Plan of Action. The administration will make adjustments based on Board of Education feedback. The Strategic Plan of Action’s goals will be updated at 18 month intervals beginning in July 2021. Departments will complete tactical plans to support their areas of responsibility upon approval of the Strategic Plan of Action.

  • Mission, Vision and Values

    Omaha Public Schools' Strategic Plan of Action provides a focus for the work of the district on its fundamental promise to the community it serves: To prepare every student, every day, for success. We strive to fulfill this promise by embodying our five foundational shared values in our work - Equity, Results, Leadership, Accountability and Joy. 

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    Portrait of a Graduate 

    What will an Omaha Public Schools graduate look like in 2030? This plan looks into the future of a community and its workforce and designs a school district that will have students ready for whatever the future holds. 

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     Teacher working with student

    The strategic priorities were solidified by triangulating the trends, the values and norms, and disaggregated student-centric data related to academic growth and achievement, program evaluation, student engagement and the perceptions of students, families, teachers and staff about the educational climate of their schools. The four resulting priorities are Academics, Staff, Financial Accountability and Ethic of Care.

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