Native American Histories

  • This subject area focuses on the history of Native Americans in Nebraska from the mid-19th century to the present day. The students covered a wide scope of topics in their exploration of the past. Within this section, you will find projects examining the role of disease and ecological destruction in the displacement of Native Americans and the success of early white settlements, efforts by Indigenous people in Nebraska to gain government recognition of their personhood and citizenship rights, and the representation of Native cultures as vanishing in the age of imperialism at the turn of the century. Topics covering more modern history examine the military service of Native Americans in World War II; the status of tribes as determined by the federal government and how that status is tied to land ownership, employment, health care, and other aspects of life; the role of education as a tool for both advancement and oppression; attempts to revitalize traditional culture; and the use of marches, occupations, and litigation to retain land, uphold treaties, and much more.