Community Partnerships

  • Omaha Public Schools values community partnerships. Partnerships and collaboration are essential for helping students achieve their maximum potential. Family and community involvement has always been a cornerstone of public schools. All community partnerships must align to the Omaha Public Schools Strategic Plan of Action. 


  • In order to provide services and/or programming in the Omaha Public Schools, all current and new service providers must complete the two requirements below.


    1. Verification of completed and current background checks for any of the service provider's employees, contractors, or volunteers who will provide services in the Omaha Public Schools.
    2. Submission of current certificates of insurance.
  • Insurance Requirements

  • Background Check Requirements

Completing the Request to Provide Services

    • Completed requests are due no later than one week prior to the scheduled meeting
    • Liaison will preview the request and contact organization contact for information
    • Liaison will contact Principals/Program Director to determine interest in the program
    • Requests are approved or denied based on Omaha Public School Policy 1401 and information provided on the Request to Provide Services
    • Organizations will be notified by email regarding the disposition of their request
    • Organizations whose requests are accepted must complete the background check and certificate of insurance process
    • After current background checks and certificates of insurance are received at, Principals/Program Directors and organizations will receive an emailed communication with the start date for the services to initiated
    • Please email questions to
  • Community Partnership Review Committee Meeting Schedule 2023-2024