Discipline Appeal Process

  • Any discipline intervention that removes a student from the learning environment is subject to an appeal by the student or parent/guardian. It is recommended that a family begin the appeal process for all behavior resolutions with the school or program administrator.
    The prinipal or program director has the decision-making authority for both in-school and short-term suspension discipline resolutions. Questions about these resolutions should be discussed with the principal, program director or assistant principal.
    A Discipline Hearing may only be requested when the discipline recommendation is a long-term suspension, mandatory reassignment, emergency exclusion, or expulsion. 

    Discipline Appeals to the School Principal or Program Director:

    • Student Success Center (SSC) or Positive Action Center (PAC) – SSC/PAC is an in-school suspension option, provided to students as an effort to keep students in school and to minimize absences. In the SSC\ PAC room, the students work in a closed classroom environment which minimizes distractions while allowing them to focus on their needs both academically and socially. The SSC\ PAC encourages students to accept responsibility for their actions. The use of SSC\ PAC rooms may also be used as a preventative measure to help students make positive choices as it relates to behaviors.
    • Short-term Suspension – exclusion from school for a period of time up to (five) school days.

    Discipline Appeals to the District Hearing Office:

    • Long-term Suspension – Exclusion from school for a period of time exceeding five school days but less than 20 school days.
    • Emergency Exclusion - Exclusion from school for a period of time where there has been a determination that the student’s presence in the school represents a danger to self or others.
    • Reassignment – Mandatory transfer to another school or program; No student may return to the school from which he or she was reassigned.
    • Expulsion - Expulsion show mean a student may not attend any school in the district for the period of the expulsion. Expelled students may participate in a district specified alternative school during the term of expulsion.

    For additional questions, reach out to the Omaha Public Schools Hearing Office (531) 299-4679.