Requesting Student / Staff Data

  • Individuals interested in conducting research with student and/or staff data must request the information through the Omaha Public Schools Research department. Researchers are not permitted to request data directly from schools, staff or other departments.

    The release of student data is governed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Data will be released to external program providers when there is an active release of information (ROI) on file with Omaha Public Schools.

    Student Data
    Individuals interested in conducting research with student data must submit the Request for Student Data Form through the Omaha Public Schools Research Department. Please answer all questions and be as thorough as possible. Failure to do so may prevent the request from submitting electronically. A team of evaluators reviews incoming data requests each Wednesday. Allow at least 2 weeks after evaluation for processing. Requests are prioritized based on district priorities. If the data you are requesting is part of a research project you would like to conduct in the Omaha Public Schools, you will first need to get approval from the Research Review Committee by submitting a request to conduct research. 

    Staff Data
    Requests for Staff Data (e.g., a listing of teachers) will be forwarded to Human Resources for approval. This additional layer of review will not allow for the expediting of the request; therefore, please adjust your timelines accordingly.

    Individuals and organizations receiving data files for research or evaluations must share final reports with the Omaha Public Schools Research Division. Reports can be sent to Dr. Janet Zahm. Failure to do so may result in denial of future requests for data. If you have questions or would like help filling out the request, please contact the Research Division at (531) 299-0226.

    Please read the Guidelines for Considering Requests to Obtain Student Data before completing the Data Request Form.