Assessment Information

  • In the Omaha Public Schools, we believe in a balanced assessment system that includes multiple measures to be used for different purposes in order to meet the needs of students, teachers, district and community. Multiple measures include all the assessments, tools and data sources used to gather information for the purpose of making an informed educational decision.

    Formative assessments provide the day-by-day, week-by-week insight teachers need to make adjustments in instruction based on where students are at a given moment.
    Examples of Formative Assessments: Classroom level assessments, quizzes, checks for understanding, exit tickets, etc.

    Interim assessments are given at specific times in the school year; the data provide an objective measure of progress toward learning objectives, measure student academic growth and inform instruction.
    Example of Interim Assessment: MAP Growth

    Summative assessments, whether given at the end of a unit, a semester or end of the year, demonstrate whether or not students have learned what was taught.
    Examples of Summative Assessments: NSCAS, ELPA21 and ACT