Family Engagement

  • A student shares a project with her parentsParents and family members of all students are welcomed and encouraged to become engaged with their child’s school and education. Students succeed in and out of school when schools and families work together to support learning. Family engagement in a child's learning is the largest predictor of student success. Families can support learning by:

    • Creating a home environment that encourages learning. 
    • Expressing high and realistic expectations for their child’s success and future careers. 
    • Being engaged in your children’s education at school and in the community.

    The best way to be an engaged family is by partnering with your child’s school. Review the District's Title I Parent and Family Engagement Policy.

Family Involvement Tips

  • Parents attending a Title I Parent Workshop submitted these tips:

    Ways Parents Can Be Involved In School


    • Visit your child's school
    • Read a book to your child's class
    • Join the PTA or other parent organization
    • Attend parent/teacher conferences
    • Ask the teacher how to help outside of the class day
    • Communicate on a regular basis
    • Volunteer where needed
    • Eat lunch with your child in the cafeteria
    • Keep communication open between parent and teacher
    • Tutor or mentor
    • Share your talents with the school or your child's class
    • Inform school/teacher of events at home
    • Invite other families to attend family activities
    • Read communications that come home
    • Attend school programs


    Improve School Relations


    Suggestions by Parents on How to Build the Relationship with Teachers and the Administration

    • Introduce yourself to teachers introducing themselves
    • Talk to our children about acceptable behavior
    • Support teachers in the decisions regarding discipline
    • Invite other parents to volunteer at the school

Frequently Asked Questions

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