School Improvement

  • Improving student success is what guides the work we do. We use data and research to inform and make decisions that improve outcomes for our students and provide growth for our staff. By connecting the individual efforts of students, schools and staff, we ensure that all resources have intended impacts on student success. We believe in sharing actions needed to reach our goals, the results and celebrating our successes. Our team is made up of the School Improvement, Title I, Research, Enterprise Strategy & Innovation, School Support and Supervision, Professional Learning and Development and Grants Administration departments who work collectively for student success. 


    School Improvement
    The department of School Improvement leads continuous school improvement planning that drives progress toward the priorities outlined within the Omaha Public Schools Strategic Plan of Action. The school improvement team partners with the Nebraska Department of Education to support our students and schools.


    Enterprise Strategy & Innovation
    The department of Enterprise Strategy & Innovation guides the implementation and adjustment of the district's strategic plan of action. We work closely with department leaders on the development of appropriate strategies to operationalize the direction of the district while providing insight in reshaping the work of each department based on emerging trends.


    School Support and Supervision
    Strong principals are essential to quality schools. They set the example for effective teaching and find opportunities to increase student learning. Principal Supervisors support principals in their growth and leadership. Principal Supervisors provide support to families who have questions beyond their school principal.  


    Professional Learning and Development
    Omaha Public Schools believes strongly in providing opportunities for staff to learn and grow in their profession and as leaders. We support current and aspiring leaders in every aspect of our organization. 


    Grants Administration
    The Grant Office supports the academic and social-emotional growth of all students through the coordination of prioritized funding initiatives, grant applications, technical assistance, regulatory oversight, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), compliant use of federal, state, and private funding. 


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