Student Assignment Plan

  • The Student Assignment Plan is the framework by which families are able to access schools throughout the district.  The framework includes, but is not limited to, school boundaries, educational programs, district-provided transportation and school choice.

    All Omaha Public School students are guaranteed attendance at their neighborhood school. Every residential address within the district has an identified home elementary school, middle school and high school (neighborhood school) defined by school boundaries

    The School Choice process allows families the opportunity to apply to attend another school within the district. Families may apply to any school in Omaha Public Schools. However, the Student Assignment Plan determines a student's transportation eligibility and placement priority during the school choice process. Students are prioritized in the following order:

    • Neighborhood students 
    • Siblings of students already attending the school
    • Students applying to a partner school where they are eligible for transportation
    • All other students 


    Guiding Principles

    1. The Omaha Public Schools is committed to creating diverse learning environments that offer unique curriculum, programs and opportunities that build upon the interests and talents of students through voluntary school selection.
    2. The Omaha Public Schools will work to maintain appropriate enrollments across the district in order to provide the highest quality classroom instruction that supports the educational success of all students.

    Belief Statements

    We believe the Student Assignment Plan should:

    • Guarantee all students have access to their neighborhood school.
    • Be as transparent and simple as possible while supporting the Guiding Principles.
    • Maintain reasonable and grade level appropriate walk zones.
    • Ensure the transportation plan supports the Guiding Principles while being as efficient and fiscally responsible as possible.
    • At the secondary level, provide other school options to which a student may apply that encourages school selection based on a student’s academic interests and post-secondary plans.
    • Provide a fair and equitable application process that gives all students the possibility of attending a school of their choice.