Alternative Schools and Programs

  • Alternative schools and programs are not covered by the student placement and transportation guidelines outlined in the student assignment plan framework.  For special education students placed in the schools or programs listed below, transportation is determined by their Individual Education Plan (IEP), and if eligible, is provided by our district.

    • Integrated Learning Program (ILP) at Saratoga (K-12)
    • J.P. Lord (K-12)
    • Transition Program (multiple locations)

    For students attending the alternative high school programs listed below, transportation is not provided by our district unless specified by a student’s IEP.

    • Acceleré (9-12)
    • Gateway to College (9-12)
    • Independent Study Center (9-12)
    • Secondary Success Program (6-8 or 7-8)
    • UNO Middle College Program (9-12)
    • Blackburn (9-12)

    For students attending the alternative high school programs listed below, transportation is provided by our district as described.

    • Parrish Expelled (6-12 or 7-12) – Students are transported to and from designated bus stop locations that are determined by school administration each year.
    • Teen Literacy Center (9-12) – Students attend a regular Omaha Public Schools high school in the morning where transportation is subject to the high school student assignment plan. Students are provided a bus to the Teen Literacy Center from their high school during the school day. For more information, please contact the ESL Teen Literacy Center at (531) 299-2620.

    Special Education Student Assignment
    The Omaha Public Schools offers a variety of high-quality services to students with disabilities from birth through the school year in which the student turns 21. Parents and families work with school staff to develop an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) that addresses the needs of the student.  Special Education programs and services are available at each building in the school district.  Some programs are available at selected sites and we bring students to a particular location for specialized, intensive, remedial instruction. As a part of the student assignment plan, students who participate in special education have the same school options as all other students, unless they require a self-contained education program or specific treatment that is only offered at designated schools. The location of self-contained classrooms is spread throughout the school district and exists in most partner zones.  The Special Education Department attempts to place students in their neighborhood school where possible and within their partner zone where it is not. Transportation for special education students is determined by their IEP and if eligible, provided by the school district.  For more information on special education services, please contact the Special Education Department at (531) 299-0244.

    Omaha Virtual School -   K-12

    Omaha Virtual School (OVS) is a full-time, tuition-free, program within Omaha Public Schools. Our instruction is delivered through a blended learning environment, combining the benefits of the virtual and traditional classrooms.  Blended learning enhances online learning with opportunities for labs, guest speakers, field trips, and other face-to-face cooperative learning. The format enables parents to be actively involved and allows students to take ownership of their learning.  Students may work quickly through the areas they understand, take their time in areas that need extra attention, and put an emphasis on subjects that interest them most. Families may apply directly through the OVS website. Transportation is not provided. 

    ESL Student Assignment
    The Omaha Public Schools serves students from diverse backgrounds that speak more than 100 different languages. The school district provides English as a Second Language (ESL) to students who speak a language other than English to assist in the transition into mainstream classes. As a part of the student assignment plan, students who require ESL instruction have the same school options as all other students, unless they have had limited or interrupted formal schooling in their native country and must attend the Teen Literacy Center (TLC). All regular elementary, middle and high schools in our district provide ESL services. The student placement and transportation guidelines of the assignment plan apply to all students receiving ESL services at a regular school building. For more information on English as a Second Language services, please contact the ESL Department at (531) 299-0259.

    Nebraska Option Enrollment
    For rules and regulations regarding Option Enrollment please contact the Student Placement Office at (531) 299-0302 and see the Nebraska Department of Education’s Frequently Asked Questions.