Northwest Legal Studies Pathway

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    Legal Studies pathway students will graduate with experience in the world of criminal justice, pre-law, and/or forensic science. All pathways offer foundation opportunities in law, public safety, juvenile justice, and forensic science before changing into more content specific work. Students who decide to choose these pathways will be college prepared and career ready. 

    Northwest Legal Studies students choose from three pathways. 

    • Criminal Justice: Learn the skills necessary for criminal justice, corrections, and law enforcement. 

    • Forensic Science: Learn the skills necessary for collecting evidence and investigating crime scenes. 

    • Pre-Law: Learn the foundational knowledge in law, courts, and research needed for law and paralegal fields. 


    Pathway Options and Course Sequence 
    Criminal Justice Pathway Courses 

    • 10th Grade: Law and Juvenile Justice & Law and Public Safety  

    • 11th Grade: Intro to Criminal Justice+ & Intro to Corrections+  

    • 12th Grade: Reporting Techniques for Criminal Justice  

    Forensic Science Pathway Courses: 

    • 10th Grade: Forensic Science 1-2  

    • 11th Grade: Forensic Science 3-4  

    • 12th Grade: Forensic Science 5-6 

    Pre-Law Pathway Courses: 

    • 10th Grade: Law and Juvenile Justice & Law and Public Safety  

    • 11th Grade: Trial Advocacy & Evidence  

    • 12th Grade: Business Law 1* & Legal Research 

    Advanced Academics 

    • Dual enrollment opportunities with Metropolitan Community College 

    • + indicates a certificate option  

    • * indicates a dual enrollment option 

    Transferable Skills  
    Attention to detail Communication Critical thinking Decision making Problem solving People skills 

    Possible Career Fields 
    Corrections Officer Crime Scene Analyst Forensic Investigator Paralegal Police or Sheriff