South College & Career Academies and Pathways



    South High offers students a variety of academies and pathways for students during their high school experience. From the Freshman Academy to the Performing & Fine Arts, Technology & Data, and Media Arts Pathways there are classes for a variety of interests.  Use the tabs on the left to explore the options within our 3 major Pathway umbrellas.

    The Pathway model brings three important advantages to every Packer.

    1. Every student in a pathway will collaborate with teachers and students inside and outside of their pathway focus area.

    In a pathway, students will take a series of three or more classes during their high school experience focused on a group of related careers, or cluster. Students in a pathway take classes with a wide range of other students with career interests.

    2. Every student can feel engaged.

    With TWELVE different focus areas in the two pathways, every student can find their passion. Even if you may not be interested in a particular career field, pathways are focused on building transferable skills in the areas of writing, reading, problem solving, math, engineering, and the creative arts. The pathways are built so EVERY student gets to explore their interests!

    3. Every student will feel prepared for the future.

    The South High Pathways are dedicated to building successful pathways for EVERY student's future goals. Whether a student is looking for a four-year collegiate experience, trade school, apprenticeship, or even going right into the workforce, the pathway experience will open doors that may previously have been closed. By working with local businesses and developing real-life projects, students will build a resume that shows leadership, teamwork, time management, and responsibility - all while having FUN! Work-based learning, real-world experiences, and practical problem solving will prepare every student for their future.

    * All students in a Freshman Academy have a team of teachers working for them every day.


    Performing & Fine Arts

    Dance and Movement

    Fashion & Costume Design

    Fine Arts

    Instrumental Music

    Teaching as a Profession

    Theatre Studies

    Vocal Music  


    Technology & Data

    Computer Science



    Media Arts

    Audio Video Production

    Film Studies

    Digital Design


    Music Technology

    Web Design