Buena Vista SMART Technology Pathway

  • SMART Technology is an emerging field with a variety of entities that will interest students at Buena Vista.  

    Cybersecurity:  This pathway will explore not only the response to security breaches but also the proactive approach to preventing data breaches.  Partnerships will enhance students' experience in this pathway. 

    Information Technology:  Students in this pathway will explore coursework in information technology essentials and network systems and support before their final course entitled Network Management and Security in order to prepare them for the wide field of opportunities in Information Technology.  

    Automation and Robotics:  Students in this pathway will take coursework in Industrial Robotics to continue enhancing their knowledge and skills in incorporating robotics into daily life. 

    Mechatronics:  This pathway, in addition to its partnership with Metro Community College, will prepare students with the fundamentals of mechanical-electrical systems as well as the incorporation of manufacturing robotics in these systems. 

    Software and Application Development: Students will participate in coursework that provides foundational of computing before embarking on computer science principles as well as their culminating course in software development.  

    Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Nanotechnology: This pathway will support students in understanding the basics of computing before digging deeper into evolving and innovation included with artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and nanotechnology.