Bryan Design & Construction Academy

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    Students will be prepared for direct entry into the field and/or entry to a two or four-year college.  Hands-on experience and critical thinking skills are utilized in a sequence of courses that provide rigorous content and relevant technical knowledge and skills needed to be successful at the post-secondary level.

    Design and Construction Academy features three diverse pathways: Construction Processes and Management, Architectural Design, Interior Design.

    Students will receive hands-on experiences. Rigorous content and technical skills will be emphasized with available certifications.

    Construction Process & Management:

    • High School Diploma, On-the-Job Training:
      • Industrial Engineering Technician
      • Land Surveyor Assistant
      • Sheet Metal Worker
    • Certification, License, Associate Degree:
      • Carpenter
      • Electrician
      • Steamfitter - Pipefitter
      • Plumber
      • Brick Mason
      • HVAC
    • Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral Degree:
      • Construction Manager
      • Construction Superintendent
      • Field Engineer
      • Structural Engineer
      • Project Coordinator

    Architectural Design:

    • High School Diploma, On-the-Job Training:
      • CAD Detailer
    • Certification, License, Associate Degree:
      • CAD Drafter
      • Engineering Technician
      • Architectural & Civil Drafter
      • Landscape Designer
    • Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral Degree:
      • CAD Specialist/Manager
      • Civil Engineer
      • Mechanical Engineer
      • Architect - Residential, Commercial
      • Landscape Architect

    Interior Design:

    • High School Diploma, On-the-Job Training:
      • Real Estate Agent
      • Photographic Assistant
    • Certification, License, Associate Degree:
      • Graphic Designer
      • Interior Designer Assistant
      • Facilities Space Planner
      • Kitchen/Bath Designer
      • Set and Exhibit Designer
      • Model Home Merchandiser
    • Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral Degree:
      • Certified Interior Designer - Residential, Commercial
      • Interior Design Director
      • Design Project Managers
      • Interior Design Researcher

    Nationally Recognized Student Organizations:

    • Skills USA
    • National Honor Society
    • FCCLA