Free and Reduced Meal Application

  • Cafeteria workers serve lunch to studentsOmaha Public Schools is proud to offer the Free and Reduced Meal Application through the National School Lunch Program. This is a federally supported meal program where families, based on size and household income level, may qualify for free or reduced meals for their student(s). Families need to submit an application yearly in order to continue receiving benefits. 

    Applying for Free and Reduced Meals is simple and has benefits beyond student meals. Families may qualify for other benefits:

    • If confirmed, your free or reduced-priced benefit (based on the meal application you submitted this year) will carry over up to 30 operating days into the 2022-23 school year.
    • P-EBT Benefits: Households may be eligible for Pandemic-EBT benefits through the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services. P-EBT benefits are based in part on eligibility for free and reduced-price meals.
    • Fee Waivers and Health Insurance: Student Free and Reduced Meal eligibility can be shared with other programs (with parental consent) for the purposes of fee waivers, scholarships, Medicaid and health insurance (CHIP).
    • School Benefits: School districts receive state and local funding based on the number of students eligible for Free and Reduced Meals.

    All students will continue to receive meals at no cost for the 2021-22 school year no matter the outcome of the confirmation of benefits of your household's 2021-22 meal application.

Community Eligibility

  • Five Omaha Public Schools qualify for community eligibility. Students at Druid Hill, Franklin, Kennedy, King and Lothrop will receive breakfast and lunch at no charge to the family. However, it is important for families at these schools to submit a Free and Reduced Meal application to qualify for additional benefits.

Submit an Application

  • Families can submit a Free and Reduced Meal Application online or complete a paper application. Paper applications can be obtained at any school or by calling Nutrition Services. Please be sure to complete the entire application. Incomplete applications can not be approved.

    If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to contact Nutrition Services (531) 299-0230.


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