Facilities Study 2023

  • A student works on a robotics assignmentIn June 2023, we celebrated the opening of Bluestem Middle, the fifth new school delivered on-time and within-budget through our 2018 Facilities Capital Plan work. Thanks to voter support, our community made historic investments in Omaha Public Schools facilities since 2014. One-hundred and eight (108) projects improved learning spaces for students across our school district.

    Our Strategic Plan of Action focuses on preparing our students, staff and school district for the future. Through the last year, we’ve partnered with experts to study OPS facilities and anticipate maintenance needs through the next two decades. This allows our school district to make long-term, data-driven plans, guiding work even through staff and leadership changes.

    Although still being finalized, the facilities assessment takes a current look at Omaha Public Schools facilities and predicts the next 20 years of building needs and improvements. It is an informational tool. After finishing the assessment and reviewing the data, our district will make decisions on how to best address those needs. This is an early step in a long-term process to make the most of our 2014 and 2018 Facilities Capital Plan programs to deliver the best learning spaces possible for students.

    More information is available below, and we are committed to ongoing communication with our staff, families and community as the work moves forward.

Questions and Answers

  • What is the comprehensive facilities assessment?

  • Why did Omaha Public Schools pursue the comprehensive facilities assessment?

  • What was the process for the Omaha Public Schools facilities assessment?

  • I see the dollar amount identified in maintenance and facilities needs. Is that amount needed immediately?

  • Is Omaha Public Schools pursuing a new bond issue based on the assessment?

  • What are the recommendations presented in the comprehensive facilities assessment?

  • Where can I find more information about next steps?