Bell Schedule and Session Information

  • Parrish offers two sessions, Monday through Friday.  The morning session is 7:47 a.m. to 10:43 a.m.  The afternoon session is 12:09 p.m. to 3:05 p.m.  The circumstances around expulsion, as well as student needs, are considered before placing a student in either the morning or afternoon session.  Once orientation is held with the program director, assistant program director, parent or guardian and student, a schedule will be determined and the student will be able to start classes on the following Monday. 


    • Breakfast    7:35-7:47 AM
    • 1st period   7:47-8:31 AM
    • 2nd period  8:31-9:15 AM
    • 3rd period   9:15 - 9:59 AM
    • 4th period   9:59 to 10:43 AM

    Lunch         11:55-12:09 PM


    • 1st period   12:09-12:53 PM
    • 2nd period  12:53-1:37 PM
    • 3rd period   1:37-2:21 PM
    • 4th period   2:21-3:05 PM

Schedule of Classes

  • Before orientation, the Parrish leadership team will look at all incoming student's schedule and grades. Based on this information, students will be placed in 1 to 4 classes depending on which classes students need. Parrish only offers a limited number of classes with no electives being offered. Below is a list of the classes by grade level offered at Parrish.

    Middle School: Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies

    9th Grade: U.S. History 1/2, Physical Science 1/2, Pre-Algebra 1/2/Algebra 1/2, English 1/2, Credit Recovery

    10th Grade: Economics or Geography, Pre-Algebra 1/2/Algebra1/2/Geometry 1/2, English 3/4, Biology 1/2, Credit Recovery

    11th Grade: Modern World History 1/2, Algebra 1/2/3/4/Consumer Math 1/2, Credit Recovery

    12th Grade: Algebra 3/4/Consumer Math 1/2, English 7/8, Credit Recovery

    Credit Recovery: Credit recovery gives high school students who have failed a class the opportunity to retake a course through Edmentum, Omaha Public Schools’ online learning environment—and thereby avoid failure and the opportunity to earn academic credit. Students enrolled in a credit-recovery course at Parrish are assigned to a computer during one period of the school day. Students should continue working on the course at home to ensure completion. Students must successfully complete all units of study and the end of course exam to earn a passing grade. Edmentum exams will be taken in person at Parrish.  A course that is not completed will be marked as an F. 

    Work Study: Students who are employed or consistently volunteer can earn work-study credits. Students can earn 1 credit per 90 logged hours with a maximum of 3 credits.