2018 Bond Program (Phase 2)

  • The 2018 Bond Program, which covers the scope of work outlined in Phase 2 of the 2014 Facilities Capital Plan, helped alleviate capacity issues the District has been experiencing in high-growth areas of the city. It also addressed items identified as highest priority in the 2016 Facilities Condition Assessment. The Phase 2 bond was for $409.9 million. 

    Elementary Schools

    • 1000 N. Fort Crook Road – Forest Station Elementary 
    • 10th and Pine Streets – Pine Elementary 

    Capital Improvements and Renovations

    • Adams
    • Catlin
    • Conestoga
    • Martin Luther King Jr.


    Capital Improvement, Renovations and Additions

    • Edison
    • Highland
    • Masters
    • Pinewood
    • Spring Lake Magnet


    Middle Schools

    • 42nd and Y Streets – Bluestem Middle

    Capital Improvements, Renovations and Additions

    • Lewis and Clark
    • Morton Magnet


    High Schools

    • 156th and Ida Streets – Westview High
    • 60th and L Streets – Buena Vista High

    Capital Improvements and Renovations

    • Benson
    • Bryan
    • Burke
    • Central 
    • North
    • Northwest 
    • South


    Alternative Programs
    Capital Improvements and Renovations

    • Blackburn


    • Transition Program from the Paralyzed Veterans of America facility and the Career Center to a new location located at 4839 N. 72nd Street