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OPS WebTV Digital Video Production Courses

  • Digital Video Production 1-2

    Sophomore Eligibility

    Television Broadcasting 1-2 introduces students to an exciting career, learning the creative and technical skills in television studio broadcasting and video production. Students work in a fully functioning television studio with industry-standard cameras and equipment. Students study advanced video editing techniques using professional software, including Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Garage Band.

    Students learn to create professional video productions including commercials, public service announcements, news reports, and music videos. Students have the opportunity to see their productions on COX Cable Channel 18, The Knowledge Network and OPS WebTV (www.ops.org/opswebtv)

    Prerequisites: None
    Duration: Full-year (2 semesters)
    Credit: 4 per year
    Grade Level: 10, 11
    College Credit: 4.5 MCC

    Digital Video Production 3-4

    Television Broadcasting 3-4 prepares students to enter the broadcasting field with the necessary skills to perform entry-level work and prepare for additional education. Students create and produce programs such as the O-Zone News Magazine, Teen Cuisine and Education Omaha for Cox cable channel 18 and OPS WebTV. Students are trained to operate industry-standard video editing equipment, and Final Cut Pro. Music and graphics production programs include Motion and Garage Band. Examples of career opportunities include television production assistant, broadcast journalist, camera operator, director, videographer, video editor, on-air personality, and program director.

    Prerequisites: Television Broadcasting 1-2
    Duration: Full-year (2 semesters)
    Credit: 4 per year
    Grade Level: 11, 12

    Digital Video Production 5-6

    Television Broadcasting 5-6 students refine skills used in Television Broadcasting 3-4 with an in-depth focus on the content area of television and video production careers. Students independently produce, videotape, and edit videotape and edit video productions for broadcasts COX cable channel 18, The Knowledge Network, and produce video podcasts for OPS WebTV. These video productions include documentaries, studio programs, news reports, and music videos. Students are given the opportunity to manage district video productions projects, giving them experience at working with a client. Students are also active in assisting with the training of students in Television Broadcasting 1-2 and 3-4.

    Prerequisites: Television Broadcasting 1-2 and 3-4
    Duration: Full-year (2 semesters)
    Credit: 4 per year
    Grade Level: 12

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