• Businesses and Schools Need Each Other

    Businesses cannot build a workforce capable of replacing the boomers without the help of the education system, and schools cannot serve students in the way we'd like without business support.  The reality is, if businesses and schools are going to succeed in the face of the significant workforce challenges, it can only be done by working together.


    It's Not Work, It's NETWork.

    The collective impact we can have on Nebraska's (especially the Omaha Metro Area) Workforce Development Initiatives is BIG!  The demand for talented and skilled workers threatens the long-term fiscal health of our great state.

    • How important is networking with Career Center?  Really Important
    • What can networking with Career Center do for your relationships?  Build them.
    • What can networking with Career Center do for your talent acquisitions?  Make them.
    • What can networking with Career Center do for your success?  The right contacts with talent can make or break it.


    How to Plug-In

    Career Center has a continuum of engagement opportunities for industry, community, and postsecondary partnersYou can pick the engagement level that best fits yout needs now!

    Level I - Active Engagement Opportunities & Support

    • Employers donating support to support a pathway, such as underwriting the cost of welding hoods and gloves.
    • Businesses donating used equipment to a pathway.
    • Individuals or businesses donating prizes or raffles for student contests
    • A local restaurant offering free food for an event or a portion of nightly sales to the school.

    Level II - Interactive Engagement Opportunities & Support

    • Career Fair Vendor - 2 times per year
    • Classroom Speaker or visiting classes to talk about their company and industry - Minimum 1 time a year
    • Career Prep Speaker to conduct resume review sessions, mock interview sessions, or networking advice sessions.
    • Job Shadows / Field Trips / Site Visits for a specific pathway or group of students.

    Level III - Complete Integration Support

    • Advisory Committee/Board member for the Career Center or Pathway advisory that helps administration meet identified needs
    • Establish a Workplace Learning program like an Apprenticeship program or Paid Internship program for a specific pathway.
    • Create a summer externship program for teachers, exposing them to current practices in their field
    • Create a Sponsorship / Scholarship program to provide students a job and funding for continued postsecondary training.