Work-Based Learning - Internshisps/Sponsorships

  • One of the greatest opportunities the Career Center provides is access to workplace learning opportunities.  Work-based learning (WBL) connects student learners with employers to prepare them for success in the workplace.  Benefits include strengthening academic, technical and career readiness skills, exploring career options, enhancing personal finance knowledge, fostering positive relationships with adults, and developing awareness of the requirements of careers so students can effectively plan career pursuits.  Examples of work-based learning opportunities include paid internships, apprenticeships, sponsorships, clinicals, job shadows, and capstone projects.


    Unique SYOP! What is SYOP?

    Students have a chance at a unique Senior Year Only Program (SYOP) learning opportunity or capstone at Career Center. It's a spin on the traditional "early out" but with a structured pipeline into a chosen career field with local business/employer partners. These invaluable connections with local industry create an actual real-world experience where students can earn an income, high school credits, and even land a fully paid/sponsored college tuition. 

    *Students who begin as 10th graders have the opportunity for SYOP in 12th grade.


    Career Center partners with several local employers that offer Work-Based Learning:

    Lozier Corporation

    H & H Automotive Youth Registered Apprenticeship (More Info)

    Jensen Tire & Auto

    Omaha Joint Electrical Apprenticeship and Training Committee

    • Five-year program
    • Must be at least 17 years to apply and 18 years old by the time you start the program
    • Apply online or at the apprenticeship office located at 8960 L Street, Suite 200, Omaha, NE
    • See Mr. Smith for more information

    More TBA - to be added