• Mission: To connect today's students with tomorrow's careers through relevant, real-world education that engages students, community, and industry.
    Vision: To be the destination for "Learning by Doing" in career education.
    Values: Knowledgeable, Passionate, Flexible, Driven, Positive


    Career and College Readiness for Life Beyond High School

    Students are more than just the number they earn on a standardized test.  Our OPS Strategic Plan of Action strives to provide students with rigorous academic programs, personalized and career-specific learning experiences and social and emotional skills that prepare them to be global citizens in an ever-changing world.  The scores on a standardized test are one of many potential indicators that demonstrate readiness for life beyond high school.  Students learn in a variety of ways, and therefore students should demonstrate readiness in a variety of ways.  Career Center looks beyond standardized test scores and use multiple measures to assess and demonstrate our students are ready to succeed in life beyond high school!



    Our first shared value, Knowledgeable, is central to our work to deliver on our promise of career readiness. Career Center staff have years of experience in the career field as professionals which helps bring relevancy to the student learning experience. Each pathway has a network of community and industry partners to provide students access to current real-world knowledge on workforce demand.

    is a value helps motivate students students towards success. Our students provide us with a sense of purpose and enjoyment.  Passion brings happiness and enegery that spills out into students.


    Flexiblity to adapt, adjust, and change is needed in our ever-changing world.  Our 11 pathways are in high wage, high skill, and high demand career fields.  While 10th grade is the prefered starting grade level, multiple entry points at 11th and 12th grade provide access to students throughout their high school career.  With a focus on student succes, Career Center staff provide extra time, reteach content, and offer make-up sessions. 


    Shared accountability on achieving measurable outcomes keeps us Driven to succeed.  The measurable outcomes include workplace learning experiences, industry certifications, early college credit, attendance, and pathway completion.  We aim to provide a one-of-a-kind education experience that delivers on these outcomes so student graduate with more than just a diploma.


    Positive is our final foundational shared value, and it must suffuse our work every day. Our focus is to have a YES! Attitude and model that for students to help them be positive and optomistic about their future success. A YES! Attitude is the experience we have all had many times.  Attitude is a gift and it is a belssing, one we give ourselves first and then others who come into contact.  We know our positive attitude can help students realize their dreams with a successful career and happy life.