• Career Center Attendance

    Student Attendance at the Career Center is the key to learning and applying new skills.  The goal is for each student to be in class every day, on time.  The responsibility for attendance is shared by the students, parent, teacher, and other school staff. Make-up work and time missed for home high school activities are expected to be completed prior to the end of the semester. ie athletic events, class meetings, school pictures, pep-rallies, and other such activities.


    Career Center Responsibilities

    • Report student absences and tardies to the home school
    • Keep student informed of the number of absences accrued
    • Contact parent/guardian of each student who has excessive absences
    • Remind students when laboratory make-up Mondays or offered


    Student Responsiblities

    • Bring and admit from the home school or a written note signed by a parent/guardian or sponsor giving the date and reason for the absence
    • Maintain a personal record of the date and reason for each absence or tardy
    • Make arrangement for make-up due to excessive absences with your teacher.