Automotive Technology

  • Two students look uner the hood of a car

    This program introduces students to a career as an automotive technician. Students study fundamental automotive services such as oil changes, brakes, tires, and electrical.  Additional automotive instruction occurs on steering & suspension, engine performance, and introductory diesel. The program includes instruction in basic automobile systems and hands-on learning experiences using up-to-date industrial equipment. Instructors are ASE Certified.


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Automotive Technology Courses

  • Automotive Technology 1-2

    Automotive Technology: Brake Systems cover the proper repair and diagnosis of modern brake systems. Students will cover basic operation and diagnosis, and perform brake rotor and drum resurfacing. This course has online textbook material accessible 24/7 offering online quizzes and tests to reinforce the classroom learning system and material. We will study components such as power boosters and master cylinders. This course also covers the design, operation, and testing of anti-lock brake and traction control systems using a variety of testing equipment. The course includes hands-on lab training utilizing the safety training learned in the course.

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    Automotive Technology 3-4

    This course provides a study of automotive electrical and electronic fundamentals with an emphasis on Ohm’s Law and application of Ohm’s Law in solving electrical system failures. It provides a study of automotive starting, supplemental restraint (airbag) and charging electrical systems and components. An emphasis is placed on electrical system diagnosis and electrical repair. This course provides an in-depth study to properly use wiring and current flow diagrams in electrical diagnosis and repair. The course includes using industry-standard diagnostic equipment and techniques. This course has online text book material accessible 24/7 which has online quizzes and tests to reinforce the classroom learning system and material. 

    Car Club

    Automotive Technology students can participate in CAR CLUB! Did you know Career Center is one of 10 high schools in the nation to be part of the SEMA Build Program! The SEMA High School Vehicle Build Program uniquely connects high school automotive shop classes with specialty-equipment manufacturers' products to build one-of-a-kind customized vehicles. Funded by SEMA, this program offers students real-world, hands-on auto-tech skills while becoming engaged in the accessorization and customization lifestyle.

    This accessorization project focuses on suspension, wheels and tires, and interior and exterior accessories. With the guidance and instruction of their auto-shop instructors, students customize the vehicles using donated aftermarket products from partnering sponsor companies. After the vehicles are transformed by the students' hands, they will be sold at the end of the school year. Proceeds from the sale will fund the purchase of another vehicle to support a build in the following school year—making this a self-sustaining program. It's SEMA's vision that the expansion of this program will reach thousands of high school automotive shop class students nationwide.

Course Information

  • Instructors:


    • Sophomore
    • Junior
    • Senior

    Related Careers:

    • Automotive Tech
    • Diesel Tech
    • Heavy Equipment Tech

    What does it take?

    • Associates Degree

    What does it make?

    • $36,000 - $43,500 annually


    • Snap-On NC3 Certification
    • Torque:
      • Tech Angle
      • Tech Memory
      • Tester/Calibrator, Electonic

    Precision Measurement:

    • Take and rule measurement
    • Side Caliper measurement
    • Gauge measurement
    • Angle measurement
    • Micrometer measurement
    • Micrometer measurement
    • Dial Gauge measurement

    Digital Volt-Ohm Meter: EEDM525D auto ranging, true RMS


    College Credit:  Metropolitan Community College