Certified Nursing Assistant

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    Successful completion of this course enables you to obtain your CNA. license with the state of Nebraska by age 16. Our program will prepare you to work in a long-term care facility or a hospital. This course combines classroom work and laboratory applications to develop the skills needed to care for the elderly or chronically ill. Your lab hours are recorded and sent to the State of Nebraska. Regular attendance is critical.

    This course is designed to meet the state training requirements for certified nursing assistants (CNA). The course combines classroom lectures and laboratory applications for the development of basic skills needed to care for the elderly. Course content focuses on teaching the nursing assistant to provide safe, effective, and caring service to the elderly or chronically ill resident in a long-term setting. To qualify for certification, the student must complete 76 hours of skills assessments within the class. Excellent attendance is critical. Physical demands are part of the training and skills required of the certified nursing assistant. Skills in science, math, communications, health, and social sciences are reinforced.


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Course Information

  • Instructors:

    Eligibility: Must be 16 years of age

    Related Careers:

    • CNA
    • Medical Assistant
    • LPS
    • RN

    What does it take?

    • Certificate
    • Associates Degree

    What does it make?

    • $20,000 - $65,000

    Certification: Certified Nursing Assistant (State of Nebraska)