Dual Enrollment

  • Dual Enrollment allows academically talented students to earn college credit while still in high school. The courses are taught at area high schools by its own staff who have been selected to be adjunct faculty. 

    Besides costing less than 1/4 of actual tuition and fees for the same course at the partner institution, Dual Enrollment provides the opportunity to earn college credit with a grade, while still in high school.  High school students can demonstrate to competitive universities and scholarship committees that they have succeeded at a high level in a rigorous, accredited college course. With college credits earned in high school, new college students have more time to pursue college courses for a double major, graduate from college early, or slightly decrease their course-load.


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  • Are there scholarships available to cover fees for dual enrollment classes?

  • Who qualifies to participate in dual enrollment?

  • Expectation for earning Dual Enrollment credit.

  • How is it determined which classes are available for Dual Enrollment credit?

  • Which high school grade is posted on the college transcript?

  • Will the courses I take through Dual Enrollment affect my GPA if I end up attending college at the partner university, or any of it's sister schools?

  • How will these credits appear on a transcript?

  • Will Dual Enrollment classes be accepted by the college my high school student plans to attend?

  • How does a student receive Advanced Placement Credit?

  • How does Advanced Placement Credit work?

  • Why would a student want to take the AP exam if they have already earned dual enrolled college credit?

  • Do students have to go to the college campus?

  • Does the Dual Enrollment application count for regular admission?

  • What is the University Policy for Dual Enrollment?

  • Five important questions to ask colleges regarding Dual Enrollment credit:

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