Advanced Placement (AP)

AP Exams

  • Benefits of taking the AP Exam

    • With a qualifying AP exam score, students can earn college credit, advanced placement, or both.  Individual colleges and universities grant course credit and placement.  Visit the College Board OR visit the website of your college of interest to search their AP credit policy. 
    • Know you’re ready for college – AP exams provide you with confirmation of the college-level knowledge and skills you have learned in the classroom. 
    • Research consistently shows that students who are successful in AP typically experience greater academic achievement in college.  The exam is part of the AP experience. 
    • Earn AP Scholar Awards – students who demonstrate exemplary achievement on three or more exams are recognized as AP Scholars

    Required before Sept. 3, 2021  

    For the spring 2022 AP exams, students at Burke will be registering online through AP Classroom. This registration will take a few minutes and can be completed from any computer with internet access.  Starting the week of August 30, your student will be given a Join Code that is specific to the AP course and section at Burke High School. They will need to use their AP Student username and password to access the dashboard.  AP teachers will help students join the appropriate course to access supports for the 2021-2022 school year.  

    Every student must sign up for an AP/College Board account before September 3 to be able to access the online supports.   

    • Each AP student should have ONE AP College Board account. Use the same account you used in years past. Do NOT set up a new account each year. Students who have taken a previous AP exam have accounts.  If they don’t remember how to login, they can use “Forgot your password” or “Forgot your Username” to gain access.
    • Find help with your account.
    • Students needing additional help may contact the College Board for Students and Parents at 1-888-225-5427 or email

    In addition to activating their course, indicating their exam intentions (yes or no for the May 2022 exam) students will also automatically gain access to online supports for the AP course and its skills/materials. 

    AP Exam Cost and Payment

    • The cost of an AP exam is $96 for all exams except AP Seminar and AP Research.  Seminar and Research’s exams are $147.  You will be assessed a one-time fee of $4 per registration. 
      • For example: one AP exam = $100; two AP exams = $196 
    • Students qualifying for free/reduced lunch pay $30 thanks to a College Board reduction and support from the Omaha Public School District.  


    • For Dual Enrolled students at UNO and/or Midland, the cost of the AP exam is covered by UNO and Midland.  You must indicate in TR that you are dual enrolled and for which courses.  Once UNO and Midland contact AP Coordinator Laura Gaunt with accepted students, she will waive AP fees.  You will NOT need to pay for these AP exams on Total Registration. 
    • If you fill out and receive confirmation of an ACE Scholarship, you will NOT pay on Total Registration for the exam in your AP class(es.) 
    • Burke High School desires that every student be able to take their AP exams. Students qualifying for free/reduced lunch can receive financial aid.  For more information regarding the ACE Scholarship, please see Mrs. Hope Smejkal in the Counselor’s Office or the ACE Scholarship website 

    Exam Payment Process 

    • All payments for AP exams will be due using a secure Total Registration site. Parents, guardians, and/or students pay using credit/debit/check or money order to this company.   
    • Online exam payment/registration will begin Monday, August 30 at 12:01AM.  Payment is due by Monday, October 4 at 11:59PM.   
    • Payments made between Tuesday, October 5 and Friday, October 25 will be assessed a $10 late fee per exam.   
    • Registration closes Monday, October 25 at 11:59PM. 
    • Register for exams.
    • To complete, students must answer all required questions.  We know that parents may desire to register their students for exams. We strongly recommend that parents and students are both present while registering to ensure that the correct exams are ordered and paid for. 
    • Please be sure to have a credit card or debit card available before beginning registration. Paying online is a great way to make sure that payment has been made while avoiding mailing the payment.  Payments will not be accepted at the school. 

    Important Notes Regarding Exam Payments/Refunds

    • Monday, November 8 is the last day to cancel an AP exam and receive a full refund.  To request a refund, students MUST complete the “AP Exam Opt-Out” form from Mrs. Gaunt.
    • Friday, December 3 is the last day to cancel an AP exam and receive a partial refund.  To request a refund, students MUST complete the “AP Exam Opt-Out” form from Mrs. Gaunt.
    • No AP Exam request for cancellations will be accepted after Friday December 3, 2021.  After December 3, the full cost of the exam will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian/student, an AP Exam will be ordered, and a refund will NOT be issued. The fee will go on the student's Burke Fine Account and must be paid in full prior to graduation to receive a diploma. 
    • Students who pay for an AP Exam and do not take it are NOT refunded any portion of the exam cost and are assessed a $25 fine which must be paid before they receive a diploma or transcripts. 

    Exam Schedule 

    • Students who register for AP exams are required to take the exam on the date and time indicated, as determined by the College Board.  Requests to take exams at times other than those indicated cannot be honored. 
    • In very specific circumstances outline by the College Board a student may be allowed to sit for a late exam.  Specific information will be shared during spring semester. 
    • Exams will be taken in May 2022 – see included calendar for additional information.  Specific details and testing locations will be announced during spring semester. 
    • Because there are no exceptions to AP’s national schedule, some exams will extend BEFORE or AFTER school hours.  Be sure to plan transportation, after school activities, and work commitments.  NO ONE WILL BE ADMITTED LATE OR DISMISSED EARLY.   
    • If you are ordering 2 exams schedule for the same time, please contact AP Coordinator Mrs. Gaunt. 


    AP Exam Accommodations 

    Students must be pre-approved by the College Board for extra time, extra breaks, and other accommodations.  See the College Board website for information.  If you have any questions about exam accommodations, please contact Nadine Reyes, Burke Counselor and SSD Exam Coordinator (at and/or Megan Towey, Burke Special Education Department Head (at  Ms. Reyes and Ms. Towey will be in touch with eligible students during September, October, and November 2021.  The deadline to request accommodations is Friday, December 10, 2021.  

More About AP Classes

  • Will my future college/university accept my AP credit?

    As an Advanced Placement student, it is important to obtain accurate information to answer this question. Ask college/university admissions representatives when visiting your junior or early senior year or on their websites. The College Board has links to many universities' AP Credit Policy page.

    Students with Disabilities

    The College Board encourages all students who are willing to accept the challenge of a rigorous academic curriculum to be considered for AP courses and exams. Students with documented disabilities may be eligible for accommodations on an AP Exam. These accommodations include extended time, interpreter services, enlarged print, and vocalized exams. Burke's Special Testing Coordinator must submit an Eligibility Form for each student requesting accommodations. Coordinators may not provide testing accommodations for students with disabilities until the College Board has approved these students' Eligibility Forms.

    AP Scholar Awards

    Each autumn, the AP Program offers several Scholar Awards to recognize high school students who have demonstrated college-level achievement through AP courses and exams. Although there is no monetary award, in addition to receiving an award certificate, this achievement is acknowledged on any grade report that is sent to colleges the following fall. For more information about the AP Scholar Award, visit the College Board.

    AP Awards Information

    • AP Scholar: Granted to students who receive grades of 3 or higher on three or more AP Exams.
    • AP Scholar with Honor: Granted to students who receive an average grade of at least 3.25 on all AP Exams taken, and grades of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams.
    • AP Scholar with Distinction: Granted to students who receive an average grade of at least 3.5 on all AP Exams taken, and grades of 3 or higher on five or more of these exams.
    • AP State Scholar: Granted to the one male and one female student in each U.S. state and the District of Columbia with grades of 3 or higher on the greatest number of AP Exams, and then the highest average grade (at least 3.5) on all AP Exams taken.
    • National AP Scholar: Granted to students in the United States who receive an average grade of at least 4 on all AP Exams taken, and grades of 4 or higher on eight or more of these exams.

    Find colleges and universities that offer credit or placement for AP scores. Begin your search by entering the name of the institution on the College Board website. For the most up-to-date AP credit policy information, be sure to check the institution's website.

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