About Burke High



    Burke High is dedicated to providing exemplary education through the collaborative efforts of students, parents, staff and community. 



    Omaha Burke High School began with the opening of John H. Beveridge Junior High School in 1963.  In 1967, Burke High School officially opened its doors at its present location at 120th & Burke Boulevard in West Omaha.  It was the first new public high school built in the Omaha district since 1926.  

    Since its doors opened, Burke has offered exceptional educational programming and rewarding life experiences for its Bulldogs. Bulldog Alumni fulfill that mission as they continue to give back to their community and bring new opportunities to the Omaha area.  From composers to CEOs, Burke is proud of the positive impact its Bulldogs have had.


    What does it mean to BE A BULLDOG?

    Burke boasts one of the state's top Academic Decathalon teams, state champion athletics, the largest variety of Advanced Placement courses in the state, and an award-winning performing arts program.  With roughly 1700 students enrolled from all around the city, Burke maintains its place as one of the most diverse buildings in the state.  Burke students live by our three values:  Loyalty, Integrity, and Honor.  

    Loyalty - Being a Bulldog means you have a family at Burke.  You will be welcomed into that family no matter what your personal story.  Bulldogs support each other in the hard times and celebrate the good times.

    Integrity - Being a Bulldog means you do things the right way - even when no one is looking.  Bulldogs hold themselves to high standards of honesty, truth, and work.  

    Honor - Being a Bulldog means honoring those who have put in the work and found success in school and life.  Bulldogs want to ensure that you are recognized for the work that has been done.


    Starting in the fall of 2021, Burke High School has transitioned to a wall-to-wall academy school.  Focused on engaging students in a modern, practical curriculum supported by Omaha businesses, the Academies of Burke High School will start a new generation of successful entrepreneurs, communicators, aviators, and more. 

    All students will begin their journey with the FRESHMAN ACADEMY.  The Freshman Academy will help students transition to high school and build the needed skills to be successful during their tenure at Burke.

    Starting Sophomore year, students will select one of the following academies to guide them towards post-secondary success.

    Air and Space Academy - Students can specialize in Flight, Aircraft Mechanics, Aerospace Engineering, or Airport Management.  With a full-motion flight simulator, Certified Flight Instructors on staff, and an RV-12 plane being constructed by students, Burke Air and Space students are ready to fly!

    Communications Academy - Students can specialize in Journalism, Teaching, Web and Digital Design, or Audio\Video Production.  With industry standard technology, Communication students will be ready to create fantastic experiences in their post-secondary careers.

    Marketing, Business, and Analytics Academy - Students can specialize in Marketing, Business Management, Financial Planning\Insurance, and one of the only Data Analytics pathways in the country.  Any student in this academy will be better prepared to take on the world of business and succeed!