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    • The Burke Booster Club was started in 1998 to provide assistance and support to Burke students
    • There is a strong tie between positive behavior and education when a student is actively involved with athletics, clubs and other school sponsored activities
    • The primary mission of the Booster Club is to raise funds and provide financial assistance for over 20 school sponsored activities which provides benefit to hundreds of students at Burke. Raising funds happens primarily in 4 ways:

    1. Annual Booster Club membership sales (activity pass)
    2. Staff the concession stands for Burke events as well as State Track
    3. Burke apparel and blanket/stadium seat sales at home games and other open house events at Burke
    4. Company specific sponsorships

Monthly Meeting and Volunteering

  • We are always interested in new ideas and member participation!

    Meeting dates for the 2023-2024 School Year are usually held the first Wednesday of the month in our library at 6:00 p.m.  

    Volunteering is a great way to not only support Omaha Burke programs, but it also allows you to meet similar minded parents!

Distribution of Funds

  • Funds are distributed as follows:

    1. Booster Club Wish Lists

    In conjunction with the respective Coach or Sponsor, wish lists are fulfilled on an annual basis. As an example, each year, the Booster Club supports our athletic programs with thousands of dollars for "wish list" items.  Some items included were uniforms, practice gear, practice balls, warm-ups, technology needs etc.

    2. Booster Club Scholarships

          + Every year the Booster Club awards four $500.00 scholarships to outstanding and deserving Burke students


Omaha Burke Booster Club Board Members

  • President: Mark Nation- Ellis
    Vice President of Apparel: Bridget Bassett
    Vice President Concessions: Amy Lesch-Adangnihoude and Michelle Conelly
    Vice President Membership: Randi Scott
    Treasurers: Shelly Hultman
    Secretary: Chris McLaughlin
    Athletic Director: Roni Huerta
    Activities Director: MIchele Stogdill


  • Omaha Burke and its students have been fortunate to have strong support from the Administration, parents, businesses and the Booster Club. We thank you for your on-going support of the Booster Club via your annual membership purchases and involvement with the other fundraising items.  If you have an interest in becoming more actively involved please join us at an upcoming meeting or reach out to one of the current Board Members or by emailing

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