FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid

  • What is the FAFSA?:   

    • The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is the application for federal, state and most college-based financial aid which can include grants, work-study and student loans. College bound students are urged to complete the FAFSA to be considered for scholarships and other financial aid. Submit the FAFSA after October 1 to apply for aid for the following academic year – and apply before your college’s priority date to get the best financial aid package.
    • Special FAFSA Info:   Please check your college/university for priority deadline for FAFSA completion. Deadline is usually April 1st for most schools but some schools have earlier deadlines. We encourage all students applying to college to submit their FAFSA’s by December. Some colleges offer scholarships to students who complete an application for admission and submit a FAFSA by a specific date (often December 1). Check with your individual college for their specific scholarship deadlines.  
    • FAFSA Application will be available October 1    
    • Tutorial, video and checklist to assist in completing the FAFSA Application is available.


    How can I get help completing the FAFSA?

    • EducationQuest, a nonprofit organization that partners with OPS is available to assist students with completing the FAFSA. Wynter Davis, from EducationQuest, visits Benson High School each Wednesday. Students may sign up to visit with her via Naviance Family Connection. Parents are welcome to meet with her during the day as well. OR Call EducationQuest to set up an appointment at their office, 402-391-4033. 


    What is a FSA ID and how do I create one?  

    • The FSA ID (Federal Student Aid ID) is a username and password you create to access the FAFSA and federal student loan websites.  It will also serve as your signature for the FAFSA and federal student loans.   Both Student and Parent MUST create an FSA ID
    • Follow these steps to get your FSA ID:  If you're a dependent student, you and a parent will each need one.
      • Go to Federal Student Aid- Department of Education before you start your FAFSA
        • Provide your email address and create a username and password.  Print this page.
        • Both you and a parent will need active email accounts.  Don't use a high school email account, as these go away after you graduate.
      • Enter personal information.
        • Name, Social Security number, date of birth
        • Mailing address, email address, phone number
      • Answer challenge questions.  Select answers that are easy to remember and won't change over time.
        • Submit your FSA ID information and verify your email address with the assigned security code.


    The Federal Student Aid - Department of Education has informaiton to help you with your FSA ID!