MONDAY, Sept. 19

    • Dress Only in One Color Day

    TUESDAY, Sept. 20

    • Minion Day (Dress like Despicable Me)

    WEDNESDAY, Sept. 21

    • Senior Citizen Day

    THURSDAY, Sept. 22

    • Green Out Day
    • Parade
    • Volleyball Games

    FRIDAY, Sept. 23

    • Tailgate Party
    • Homecoming Football Game

    SATURDAY, Sept. 24

    • Dance
    • Coronation


    • Students will be able to take and purchase formal dance photos.
    • Photos are $2 per person in the photo.
    • Each person in the photo will receive a 5x7.
    • Cash Only.
    • For example, a photo of two people would cost $4 total. A group of 5 people would cost $10. Each person would receive his/her own copy of it.


    • Tickets will be on sale for $10 each starting Monday, September 19 through Thursday, September 22 at noon.
    • Thursday after lunch, we will be out of the building for the parade and students are not to come back in.
    • Tickets are available for sale in the School Treasurer's office (located in the commons) during lunch and after school only.    


    • Students are permitted to bring a guest from outside of the building; however, they have a Guest Permission Form filled out and signed by Mr. Campin in room 138.
    • Individuals will not be allowed to purchase tickets until this form has been approved by Mr. Campin.
    • All guests must be a current high school student or not above the age of 19 on the day of the dance.
    • Forms must be submitted by 12:00 on Thursday, September 22, 2022.
    • Homecoming Guest Permission Form 2022


    From Page 8 of Benson Code of Conduct


    Prom and Homecoming dances are time-honored traditions at Benson High School and are meant to celebrate school spirit and enhance students’ high school experiences. The Homecoming dance is meant to be enjoyed by all BHS students and the Prom is designed for juniors and seniors. There are behavioral expectations that must be met in order to be able to attend these student functions.


    The following behaviors will exclude students from participating in the Homecoming dance and prom. The following guidelines also pertain to guests.


    • Students suspended for fighting (less or more serious), may not attend the BHS Homecoming dance that school year.
    • Students suspended during the second semester of school for fighting (less or more serious) may not attend BHS Prom that school year.