• Founded in 1904, Benson High School prides itself in its tradition, academic excellence, school spirit, and a family-like atmosphere.  Located in the historic Benson neighborhood, BHS enjoys an enrollment of approximately 1400 students who come from all over the city.  Our student population closely matches that of Omaha in that it is extremely diverse socioeconomically, racially, and culturally.  We believe that students who go to school with students who do not necessarily look like them gives them an advantage as they move onto either post-secondary education, the military, or the work force.  Our students learn to work with everyone.

    Benson High is a comprehensive magnet school, whose theme is Career Academies.  We are proud to be the only school in Omaha Metro Area that is “Wall-to-Wall” Career Academies.  Every student is in an academy.  This means that while teaching the standard curriculum (English, Math, Social Studies, Science, etc.), there is a focus on our academies.  All freshmen are a part of the Freshman Academy.  Freshmen then choose from one of the following academies of which they will be a part for the next three years:

    • Design and Construction Academy
    • Business & Entrepreneurship Academy
    • Health Professions Academy

    Each academy allows our students exposure to content specific curriculum and real world application, allowing them to be college, career, and civic life ready when they graduate.  Each academy partners with various business across the city to enrich your students’ high school experience.  While our focus is on the career academies, Benson High will always offer traditional honors, advanced placement (AP), and dual enrollment (DE) classes for those students wishing to take advantage.

    Benson High School offers its students a traditional, comprehensive education that prepares them not only for post-secondary education, but for the career field as well.  We have a caring and dedicated staff that believes in providing access to more opportunities for all students.  We prepare students for the rest of their lives.