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Quiz Bowl wins City Championship

Middle school Quiz Bowl teams from the district went to the University of Nebraska at Omaha for the Spring Quad tournament.

There were 85 matches throughout the day as teams spread out in different rooms of the Milo Bail Student Center on campus. Buffett A, a team of 8th graders, and Buffett B, a team of 7th graders, performed well in the morning rounds of competition.

After lunch, the remaining three rounds took place to determine which two teams would compete in the championship. Buffett A and Norris A teams beat out all of the other teams to make it to the final round.

Quiz Bowl teams gathered in the main Ballroom as Buffett competed against Norris. The competition was intense, but Buffett took the lead and held on through to the end!

We are proud of the hard work and determination from our Quiz Bowl teams. Their dedication and teamwork was evident during the Quad tournament today. Congratulations to Ben F., Grace S., Carly B., and Rowan H.

A special thank you to Coach Moyer and Coach Daugherty as well!