Our Publications

  • Buffett Middle takes pride in our communication with students and families. We have several ways to receive feedback, send information, and capture the big moments of our year.

    Buffett Bulletin 

    The bulletin is published weekly for our students, families, and the community. We have thousands of viewers of our newsletter each week. Some of the items we include in the weekly newsletter are: important information, celebrations of the week, student announcements, and calendar events.

    The Buffett Bugle

    The Buffett Bugle is a student-produced online newspaper from Buffett Middle created for distribution to the students, staff, and administration of Buffett, as well as the Omaha Public Schools and members of the community. 8th grade Journalism students publish The Bugle each month. They gather information to create hard news stories. They love working together, taking photos, writing, and designing the online news.


    Broadcast students get unique hands-on experiences in developing, producing, performing and editing and airing a live and pre-recorded Buffett television broadcasts.  Students use tried and true journalism teaching techniques coupled with the latest technology to produce the BBTV episodes. Students perform all the roles in a television broadcast, including on-air personality, camera, director, editor, etc. in order to capture activities, events and special projects occurring in and around Buffett.

    The Beacon

    Buffett's journalism students create a professional quality yearbook, The Beacon, each year for our school. Buffett students who choose to take a course in Journalism develop their advanced writing, design, and photography skills. Students work in groups that include a photographer, designer, reporter, and editor. Each team is responsible for creating sections of the yearbook.  Concomitant to the production cycle, students study the principles of design, photojournalism, and aspects of journalistic writing.