Welcome to Buffett Middle

  • Buffett Middle has a unique facility that supports a distinctive communication and electronic media focus. Academic excellence is emphasized and supported by every member of the outstanding staff. Unique curriculum offerings are available in digital media, journalism, television broadcasting and idesign.

    Our vision is High Performing Teachers & Students In Every Classroom!

    High performing schools require a tremendous level of commitment, time, and effort from every stakeholder in our school community. A dedicated, highly qualified staff ensures that the mission and vision of Buffett Middle are realized. It is important that our staff members embrace these values through shared commitment and accountability. Newly hired Buffett staff members sign a set of commitments unique to our building. These commitments were created by teachers, and updated in 2016. The commitments drive our performance to achieve the school’s mission and vision statements. 

    The essential components of our school's focus are as follows:

    • To provide rigorous academic experiences based upon research and best practice that enable all students to achieve their highest potential.
    • To combine communication skills and electronic media to provide unique and enriching learning opportunities for all students.
    • To demonstrate real-world connections to learning in all classrooms.
    • To create a student-centered learning community in which all students’ needs, interests, and readiness levels are the focus of teaching and learning.