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Activity Sponsor Day & Time Grades Description
Academic Pentathlon Rachel Howe 11/12, 11/18 1/12 7-8 As a Pentathlete, you'll participate in five different types of events centered around a theme of the year. Academic Pentathlon will allow you, as a middle school student, a chance to start experiencing the benefits of Academic Decathlon before entering high school.
African American History Challenge (AAHC) Rachel Howe 10/29 in person 11/6, 12/4, 1/8, and 1/22 virtual 2/1 in person 2/4 5-8 AAHC is similar to the Academic Decathlon which school districts across the country compete. With the AAHC, students compete on African American history from the reference book "The Amazing Facts About the Negro" by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Students are provided with study guides and virtual study sessions to help them prepare to compete in February at a live event.
Art Club Mrs. McClintock and Mrs. Gotch 3:05-4:30 Art Club meets after school and creates projects for various shows in the metro, for displays in the building, and for the joy of being creative.
BookBlasters Mrs. McCreary and Mrs. Guy Spring 5-8 Students spend the first semester reading 10 novels. In the second semester, the students participate in team projects in a competition.
Drama Club Mr. Miller TBA based on show Buffett Drama Club is for students in grades 5-8 with interests in either being on stage or behind scenes in a theater production. Auditions will be held for each production.
FERMI Math League Mrs. Howe 5-8 Takes students through the problem-solving process and use of metacognition skills to solve what seems to be the unsolvable math problems.
Fusion Strings Mr. Miller after school 7th & 8th Fusion Strings is an auditioned orchestra for 7th and 8th graders that meets after school. Students must audition to be part of this club.
Guitar Club Ms. Baddley Wednesdays 3:05-4:30 5-8 Learn to play guitar or just play guitar with friends.
LAUNCH Leadership Mrs. McClintock and Mrs. Howe 9/24 10/27 12/1 1/19 2/16 3/9 4/27 5/18 5-8 Everything LAUNCH does is focused on helping students find out who they are and how they lead. They challenge everyone to think about how they can apply what they've learned to the real world. The result is a community infused with thousands of motivated, focused, ambitious young leaders. And we're just getting started.
MATHCOUNTS Ms. Kimball and Ms. McKim-Richards Email Ms. Kimball or Ms. Richards for meeting and competition dates. 7th and 8th A national middle school mathematics competition that builds problem-solving skills and fosters achievement through four levels of fun, in-person "bee" style contests.
National History Day Mr. Becker and Mrs. Howe Spring 6-8 Each year, National History Day frames students' research within a historical theme. The theme is chosen for broad application to world, national, or state history and its relevance to ancient history or to the more recent past.
National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) Mrs. Howe, Mr. Becker, Ms. Gotch, Ms. Drees, Ms. Kimball, Ms. Willmott 11/3, 10/8, 11/5, 12/3 1/14, 2/11, 3/4, 4/8, 5/6 8 NJHS is where the world's highest achieving middle level students have been proudly adding to their resumes since 1929. There is only one NJHS, and it provides an outstanding opportunity to grow with academically accomplished peers who are sharpening the habits needed for success in high school and beyond.
No Place for Hate (NPFH) Mrs. Tunning and Ms. McKim-Richards after school NPFH is sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League and is a national program providing schools and communities with a climate improvement framework for combating bullying and hatred - leading to long-term solutions for creating and maintaining a positive learning environment.
Poetry Slam Ms. Janata and Mrs. Howe 5-8 Students will have the opportunity to work in a small group to learn about and practice reading their poems aloud slam style. This event is not a competition, but rather a learning experience to better understand and connect with slam poetry.
Quiz Bowl Mr. Daugherty and Ms. Moyer Email Mr. Daugherty or Ms. Moyer for meeting and competition dates. 7th and 8th Quiz Bowl is a quiz-based competition that tests players on a wide variety of academic subjects.
Robotics Mrs. Schilling
SAKA Mr. Tolliver and Mrs. McCreary 3:05-4:45 on specific Fridays The Support and Kindness Association helps support the LGBT community and their allies within the school.
Spelling Bee Ms. Willmott and Ms. Howe 12/15 - registration 1/18 - school bee 2/15 - district bee 5-8 OPS students compete in a district wide spelling bee. Top spellers from each elementary and middle school compete against one another in February.
STEAM Mrs. Hinde Building, designing, and coding with Spheros.
Student Council Mrs. Haber and Mrs. Lima Picht 5-8