Buffett P.T.O. $500 Scholarship Information

  • To be eligible for any Omaha Public Schools middle school/PTO scholarship offered, the student must meet the following Omaha Public Schools criteria:

    1. Attended the Omaha Public Schools middle school for at least two (2) years.
    2. Have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.
    3. Be a graduating senior from an Omaha Public Schools high school and plan to attend a college, university, vocational-technical, nursing, business, or other school of higher learning in the summer or fall term following graduation.
    4. DIRECTIONS: Download a copy of the scholarship application from the link below. Print out and complete the cover sheet. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY. Please omit or white out all identifying information on Sections II, III, and IV ahead of time for the evaluation committee, including your name and the name/staff of your high school. List only your student ID at the top of each page. Letters of recommendation should not be included. ACT/SAT test scores are not needed. Transcripts should include grades 9 through 12 - semester one. Submit the cover sheet, essays II & III, and IV-resume to your OPS high school counselor by the end of February. Applications will be mailed by high school counselors to the Buffett Counseling Office Team Leader during the second week in March. Buffett PTO members will then select TWO scholarship recipients and mail out notification letters by the end of April. Thank you for your interest and good luck to all applicants!