One of her students, Dr. Sandra Hodges, OPS Assistant Superintendent noted that Ms. Buffett was, “an educator who always took care of her students and demonstrated a protective, nurturing demeanor while still setting high standards.”

    Alice Buffett, in addition to having a love for her students had a love for adventure. During her life, Ms. Buffett traveled extensively in the summer, throughout Europe, Asia and South America. She taught until 1969 and passed away in 1970.

    In honor of his favorite aunt, Omaha’s favorite son, Warren Buffett international financier, has used the Buffett foundation, since 1988 to give 15 OPS teachers the Alice Buffett Outstanding Teacher Awards, which includes a $10,000 gift. Warren Buffett said he was “delighted” that his aunt was honored, “just because of who she was and what she did.” “She was a terrific teacher,” he said. “Every student was an individual to her.”

    Warren Buffett said he has run into his aunt’s former students all across the country. “As near as I can tell,” he said, “every student she had, remembered her and remembered her interest in them specifically.”

    “You remember those outstanding teachers” Warren Buffett said, “and there’s probably nobody aside from your parents, that had a greater impact on you.”

    The school family takes great pride in carrying the namesake of one of Omaha’s own outstanding teachers and at the same time honoring a family that has given so much to the school district. The entire Buffett family has demonstrated not only their philanthropy but more over their staunch and committed support of the Omaha Public Schools.

    Alice Buffett Magnet Middle School is named in honor of an exceptional Omaha Public Schools teacher. Ms. Buffett's dedication to students was evident during her 34-year career as a family and consumer sciences teacher. Noted as a caring educator, Ms. Buffett taught at both Benson High School and Central High School from 1935 – 1969.