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    Georg Getty, Director

    Luke Furman, Collaborative Pianist
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Tickets to Northwest Performing Arts special events (Musical Theatre or Guest Performances) can be purchased online. Curricular student performances will always be presented to audiences free of charge.

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About Our Singing Opportunities

  • Thank you for visiting us! Here's a little information about our performing opportunities for vocalists:

    Concert Choir - The main SATB performing ensemble at Northwest and the largest.  Concert Choir sings a variety of repertoire ranging from folk, jazz, music theatre, art music and classical literature. Singing is both acapella and accompanied. Concert Choir sings at school functions, travels, and performs inside and outside of school. A tight-knit community and heart of the choir department. Membership is by audition.

    The Crown Point Majestics (CPM) - This is Northwest's show choir. CPM is an elite competitive ensemble for our most committed performers. This ensemble focuses more on contemporary, pop, music theatre songs and includes a band, dancing, and some solo singing.  CPM travels frequently and holds considerable outside-of-school commitments through performances (typically 15-20 per school year), competitions, clinic/choreography time and community engagement.  Also counts for PE credit. Membership is by audition and includes Concert Choir membership.

    Treble Chorus - a non-auditioned group for Soprano and Alto singers.  Good for students just testing the water, working on the fundamentals or looking for a more laid-back experience during the school day.  Membership is open to all students who wish to sing.

    Bass Chorus - a non-auditioned group for Tenor and Bass singers. Good for students just testing the water, working on the fundamentals or looking for a more laid-back experience.  Membership is open to all students who wish to sing.

    Music Theatre - Every year for the last 50 years, The Northwest Drama, Instrumental and Vocal Music departments have produced a mainstage musical production in early spring. This is an after-school activity, and any Northwest student may audition and take part in the production. Students may be actors, singers, instrumentalists or can apply for technical roles (lights, sound, costumes, props, run crew, etc.)

    Special individual opportunities - Through the Northwest Performing Arts Department, students also are able to partake in opportunties offered outside of school and in the community, including honor choirs, masterclasses, music theatre workshops and travel.

  • Room 153 ("The Choir Room")
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