Scholarship Databases and Resources

  • All scholarships that come to the Northwest Counseling Center are listed below according to their due date in Naviance. Scholarships will be updated as information is shared by scholarship providers and agencies, so students and parents should check for updates often. Never pay for scholarship services! The national sites listed below compile thousands of active scholarships & match students based on unique qualifications. Remember to FOCUS on your college-based and local scholarships FIRST, as you are more likely to earn them over national awards.

Financial Aid Award Comparison


    Cost and Financial Aid are important factors in making a college choice, so comparing your financial aid offers is a critical step in the process of deciding where to attend college.  The most economical option is not always the college with the lowest overall price tag.  As you compare your financial aid offers, consider not only the total amount of aid, but what portion of aid is grants and loans.  

    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau  and Big Future  both offer online comparison tools.