Work Permits

    • Work Permits: In the state of Nebraska, children ages 14 and 15 are allowed to work but must have a work permit. The school can issue work permits through the School Counseling Office. The student must receive a “Promise of a Job” before a work permit can be issued.
    • The work permit is a triplicate form. One copy goes to the employer, one to the state and one for the issuing party’s record (school). The form is filled out by the school and must include employer and student information. 
    • Students may be told they must have a work permit when applying for a job. This is a little misleading. It sounds like a permit is needed to apply, but students only need one before they start working. The typical application and interview process usually occurs before a job is offered. Then the student would obtain the permit from the school with the specific employer information.

    14 and 15 year olds are limited to:  

    • 40 hours or less during a non-school week, no more than 8 hours a day 
    • 18 hours or less during a school week, no more than 3 hours a day 
    • Must work between 7am and 7pm (during the summer the limit is 9pm) 
    • Special permits can be issued for work before 6am and after 10pm.