District Transportation Guidelines

  • The student assignment plan framework at each grade level determines general education transportation eligibility.

    After-school transportation is provided by Omaha Public Schools for students who qualify for transportation to and from school. After-school transportation is requested in advance by the school with the after-school activity. Pick-up/drop-off points are designated bus stops as determined by the Omaha Public Schools Transportation Department and may not be the student’s normally scheduled bus stop.


    Transportation Distance/Walk Zones
    A student is only eligible for district-provided transportation if he/she is eligible under the Student Assignment Plan framework and lives outside of the walk zone for that school.  The walk zone for each school is determined by the shortest walk distance from the designated location at each school to the student’s residential address.  Distances can only be determined by the Transportation Department.  A student is considered eligible if he/she resides:

    • >1.0-mile from an elementary school
    • >1.5-miles from a middle school
    • >3.0-miles if attending the neighborhood high school of Benson, North, Northwest and South
    • >1.0-mile if attending a non-neighborhood high school

    Bus Stop Placement
    A student who is eligible for district-provided transportation will be assigned a corner bus stop based on his/her school’s grade level:

    • .16-mile or less for an elementary school
    • .32-mile or less for a middle school
    • .48-mile or less for a high school

           Note: .08-mile is approximately one city block.

    Bus stops must be within these distance thresholds when adding a student to a route after the June 15 transportation routing deadline. General education pick-up and drop-off stop locations must be the same for a.m. and p.m.

    Daycare Transportation
    A student in elementary and middle school must be eligible for transportation from his/her primary residence under the Student Assignment Plan framework to request daycare transportation.  A student is eligible if his/her residence, daycare and enrollment school are within the same partner zone and if:

    • both addresses are >1.0-mile from the enrollment school for elementary students, and
    • both addresses are >1.5-miles from the enrollment school for middle school students.

    The following additional guidelines must be met:

    • Pick-up and drop-off stop locations must be the same for a.m. and p.m.
    • The request must be submitted to the Student Placement Office for review.  Requests made prior to June 15 have a much higher likelihood of being accommodated due to the transportation routing deadline.  The approval of each request is not guaranteed and will be made on a case-by-case basis.
    • Upon approval, the student will receive a letter of confirmation with specific bus and schedule information.


    Student Behavior on Transportation
    Student behavior expectations are outlined in the Student Code of Conduct located in the school’s Student Handbook. Misconduct may lead to the removal of this service at the discretion of school authorities.