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    Athletics Information

    McMillan Middle School has a wide variety of athletic and extra-curricular opportunities available to all students.  Students are encouraged to take advantage of these offerings, which promote teamwork, community service, school pride, and involvement.  Becoming involved in extra-curricular activities can be such a crucial element to a student's success in school.  Please take advantage of all the sports or activities that McMillan Middle School has to offer! 


    McMillan Sports Seasons

    Below is a directory of the athletic coaches and opportunities for students during the school year.

    Sport Coach Season
    Boy's and Girl's Cross Country Benak/Harold Fall
    Football Brown/Riva/Eaves/Jones Fall
    Volleyball Conley/Gehringer/Lundeen Fall
    Boy's Basketball Oberg/Smith Winter
    Girl's Swimming Dewitt/Nance Winter
    Wrestling Eaves/Mohrbutter/Riva/Jones Winter
    Girl's Basketball Oberg/Smith/Wright Winter
    Boy's Swimming Huber/Dewitt Winter
    Girl's Soccer Harold/Best Spring
    Boy's Soccer Brown/Lundeen/Johnson Spring
    Track Conley/Eaves/Morgan/Smith Spring



    Any 7th or 8th grader choosing to participate in a school-sponsored sport must have a current physical on file with the school nurse, RN. Your physical must be turned in before you are allowed to try out, practice, or play. You can access a digital copy of this form under "Athletics Forms".

    OPS offers physicals by appointment at the following School-Based Health Centers:

    Belvedere Elementary
    3775 Curtis Avenue   

    King Science Magnet Middle
    3720 Florence Boulevard 

    Kellom Elementary
    1311 N. 24th Street  

    Northwest High Magnet School
    8204 Crown Point Avenue

    Physicals are also available at:                           

    Charles Drew Health Center
    2915 Grant Street

    * Cost for physicals are based on family income.       



    All students must have medical insurance to participate in inter-school athletics. Parents/Guardians must provide Insurance Company Name and Policy Number. OPS offers an Athletic Benefit Injury Plan. Plan brochures can be found in the main office.


    Activity Cards

    All students must have a McMillan Middle School Sports Activity Card to participate in inter-school athletics.



    All middle school students participating in, or who plan to participate in sports, must maintain a passing grade in every class during that sport’s season. 

    OPS policy: “No pass, no play.” Grades will be checked weekly by coaches or athletic office.


    Regular school attendance is required to practice or play in sporting events:
    -Students must attend a minimum of a half day to participate in a sporting event.
    -Students who are suspended, assigned to ISS, or are truant will not participate in sporting events on that specific date.

    Regular attendance is required for all practices. 
    -Students who have more than 3 unexcused absences from practices will be removed from the team.

    After Practice

    Practice will conclude at 5:00 p.m. unless otherwise specified by the coach.

    After practice, students may do the following:
    -Leave with their parents/guardians or walk home.
    -Go Lion’s Pride (after school program) to wait for the Late Bus. Students must have proper paperwork to go to the Lion’s Pride Program. All athletes must be enrolled in Lion's Pride to participate.