•  Activities and Clubs


    Activity or Club 


    Staff Sponsor 


    Description/Meeting Information 


    Aca Penta 


    Ms. Stefanie Conley 

    Ms. Jessic DeWitt 


    Contact Sponsors for details 


    Athletics Concessions 


    Ms. Chelsie Weinandt 


    Contact Ms. Weinandt for an application 




    Mr. Lahyer 
    Ms. Amber Bock 


    Classes as scheduled on A days 


    Book Blasters 



    Ms. Stefanie Conley 

    Ms. Jessic DeWitt 



    Contact Sponsors for details 





    Mr. Andrew Oberg 


    E-math is a club designed for high-achieving math students to prepare for middle school competitions, and explore fun, more complex problems involving high school level math. Students also help host/facilitate the 5th/6th grade math competition hosted at McMillan every Spring. McMillan Math has a long history of success in competitions and look forward to keeping the run going every year. Contact Mr. Oberg for details. 


    History Day 


    Mr. Ryan Morrissey 


    Contact Mr. Morrissey for details 


    Homework Help 



    Ms. Carrie Pratt 


    Tuesdays, Wednesday, and Thursdays after school. Students sign-up using the QR code.  


    Library Services 


    Mr. Jeffrey Schafer  


    Library is open during lunch for reading and check-out. Classes will visit as scheduled by the teacher.  


    Lion’s Pride 


    Ms. Stefanie Conley 


    After School Program-See page for details 


    Mascot Club 


    Dr. Andy Walters 


    Contact Dr. Walters for details 


    National Junior Honors Society 


    Ms. Stefanie Conley 

    Ms. Jessic DeWitt 


    Contact Sponsors for details 





    Mrs. Rose Rydberg 


    Classes as scheduled on B days 



    Principal’s Advisory Committee 



    Dr. Andy Walters 


    Monthly meeting during Pride 
    Contact Dr. Walters for details 





    Mr. Damien Coran 


    See program page for details 


    Quiz Bowl 



    Ms. Stefanie Conley 

    Ms. Jessic DeWitt 



    Contact sponsors for details 


    Science Fair



    Mr. John Huber 


    Mondays after school from 3-5PM. The  Annual Metropolitan Science and Engineering Fair (MSEF)/Nebraska Junior Academy of Sciences (NJAS) is open to all greater Omaha-area students in grades 6-12. The MSEF/NJAS gives students an opportunity to present and display their research projects and have their projects judged by area college instructors and practicing professionals in the projects field. MSEF is affiliated with the Nebraska Junior Academy of Sciences (NJAS). Further information about this year's Fair is found in this year's Booklet. Contact Mr. Huber for more details. 

    Science Olympiad
    Founded in 1984, Science Olympiad is the premier team STEM competition in the nation, providing standards-based challenges to 6,000 teams at 425 tournaments in all 50 states. Contact Mr. Huber for more details.

    Show Choir 



    Mr. James Riva 


    Classes as scheduled 


    Spelling Bee 



    Ms. Stefanie Conley 

    Ms. Jessica DeWitt 



    Information will be released to teachers for student participation. 


    Student Council 



    Mrs. Antoinette Davis 

    Ms. Chelsie Weinandt 


    Meets during Pride 
    Contact sponsors for details 


    TeamMates Mentoring 



    Ms. Sam Naser 


    Contact Ms. Naser for details 




    Ms. Jessica DeWitt 

    Ms. Stefanie Conley  


    Contact Ms. DeWitt or Ms. Conley for details  


    Becoming HER



    Mrs. Demetria Ballard 


    The program provides afterschool activities that set our youth girls on a journey to self-discovery and empowerment through healthy living, self-love, and authenticity.

    See Mrs. Ballard for details 


    Urban League of Nebraska 



    Ms. Kylee Roebuck 


    See Ms. Kylee for details 


    6th Grade GATE 



    Ms. Stefanie Conley 

    Ms. Jessic DeWitt 



    Pull-outs from classes happen during the school day 

    See sponsors for details